Feature Documentary
The Secret Garden of Tsunami
By Anas Ould M’Hamed
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Feature Documentary
Directed by: Anas Ould M’Hamed
Co-production : Abel Aflam – Maghrebian Art Company
82 min | 16/9 | stéréo 2.0 & 5.1 | vo st gb – fr | © 2020

Synopsis : This is Imane’s story, a thirty-something year-old whose stage name is Tsunami. This is the story of a Cheikha at the top of her game.
The art of the Cheikhat moves people with its ability to pull the dramatic dimension out of life, to sing it in depth, to make her audience laugh when matters become disturbing. The typical audience is male and addresses a Cheikha with sleazy manners, bordering words that are spoken to address a prostitute. This trivialness assumed by these mature women may represent the mother’s transgressed role: men let themselves drift and their primal reaction is a measurement of their inherent contradictions.