Feature Documentary
By Myriam Bakir
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Mothers</br> By Myriam Bakir
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Feature Documentary
Directed by: Myriam Bakir
Co-production : Abel Aflam / Soread 2M / Sedna Films (France)
Supported By Doha Film Institute
62 min | 16/9 | dolby stereo | vo st gb – fr | © 2020

Synopsis : In Morocco, Mahjouba Edbouche, Sixty-two years old, upholds the rights of women who risk imprisonment or social exclusion because of having sexual intercourses without getting married. Mahjouba is a feminist activist who fights to reconcile these women with their families. Many women have found shelter and care in Oum Al Banin Association in their period of pregnancy and some of them go back now to their village with their baby in their arms and Mahjouba by their side.