Freely Mostafa Derkaoui
Sophie Delvallée
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In postproduction
Directed by: Sophie Delvallée
Co-production : Abel Aflam – Les Films d’Une Nuit d’Eté (France) – Kaleo Films (France ) – Entertain Pictures (Poland) – 2M TV Maroc – Lyon Capital Tv (France) –
93 min | 16/9 | HD | vo st gb – fr |

Synopsis : The Moroccan filmmaker, Mostafa Derkaoui, is starting to work again after being on sick leave for the past 10 years. Today, he is wheelchair-bound, aging, isolated, penniless, and as recognized as he is forgotten. Yet Mostafa is determined to make his passion project, which he knows will be his last.
As he fights for his film, a small group of cinephiles are starting to restore his legendary films. Their search for scattered originals will allow Mostafa to revisit his work. It will take him all the way back to his student films, which he will have to look for in Poland, at the famous film school in Lodz.