Feature Film
Ta mère
By Touria Benzari
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Ta mère</br> By Touria Benzari
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Directed by : Touria Benzari
Co-production : Abel Aflam – Veo2max (France)
78 min – 1 | 85 dolby stereo | vo st gb | © 2015

Synopsis: Sofia, a young Frenchwoman of Moroccan descent, lives in Dijon with her family. When she is seventeen, on holidays in Marrakech, becomes infatuated with Salim, a Moroccan her age. Their respective mothers, too thrilled by this idyll, arrange for them to be married immediately. Salim and Sofia don’t manage to “consommate” this marriage which their mothers, for reasons they wish to keep hidden, want to safeguard at all cost. Troubles begin, as do the return trips between Dijon and Marrakech.