Feature Documentary
The Unbeloved
By Amina Harrar & Mbarek Lautal
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The Unbeloved </br> By Amina Harrar & Mbarek Lautal
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Directed by : Amina Harrar & Mbarek Lautal
Co-Production : Abel Aflam & Soread 2M
With the support of Fondation Majorelle.
52 min | 16/9 | stéréo 2.1 | vo st gb – fr | © 2019

Synopsis: Ex-lepers patients suffer from discrimination from their families. Elisabeth Déveaux and Casablanca A.R.T Association work hard since more than forty years to help the ex lepers patients to live with dignity and reintegrate into Moroccan society. The ancestral art of needlepoint tapestry has become a social and health therapy in Morocco that allows hundreds of leperosy patients to have access to education, housing and professional training in tapestry as a source of income.